Return Policy

  • Woody Nelson is responsible for collecting and evaluating product return requests from wholesale customers to which they sold product.
  • Woody Nelson must accept returns from wholesale customers to which they sold product for all Eligible Products, which includes: Defective, Mis-Shipped, Recalled, and Aged Product as defined above in this policy.
  • Woody Nelson is responsible for coordinating the return of product to their facility or the destruction of product and provide a credit or refund to the wholesale customer for Eligible Product returns.
  • Products sold through the Direct Delivery Program will not be accepted by the LDB and must be returned to Woody Nelson.
  • If Woody Nelson accepts the return, it must be reported to the LDB in accordance with the Records and Reporting Schedule before the LDB will credit Woody Nelson’s account and such credit amount may be offset against any current or future amounts owing by Woody Nelson to the LDB.
  • Return of Cannabis Product that is available through both distribution channels (Central Delivery and Direct Delivery) must comply with the return policy applicable to the distribution channel under which the Cannabis Product was originally purchased.
  • Returns of Cannabis Products purchased by wholesale customers through Central Delivery must comply with LDB’s Wholesale Product Returns Policy and may not be returned to Woody Nelson directly even if the product is sold through both distribution channels.
  • Aged Product: A dried flower, pre-roll, edible, or beverage cannabis product delivered to a wholesale customer on a date that is at least 12 months after the packaging date specified on the label.
  • Cannabis Product: All classes of non-medical cannabis listed in Schedule 4 of the Cannabis Act and registered for sale by the LDB.
  • Central Delivery: The distribution and sale of Cannabis Product through the LDB’s distribtution centre to wholesale customers.
  • Concealed Defect: A defect that cannot be discovered without opening the package of the retail selling unit.
  • Defective Product: A product having any of the following Visible or Concealed Defects:
    • Products that cannot be consumed due to a technical issue or packaging issue, or;
    • Products deemed not fit for use or consumption, for reasons including the presence of mould, fungus, or another foreign contaminant, or;
    • Products deemed not fit for sale, for reasons including labelling errors, missing labels & stamps, and product damages.
  • Direct Delivery Program: Provincial program operated by the LDB to authorize eligible federally licensed processors, cultivators and nurseries to deliver or cause delivery of Cannabis Product directly to wholesale customers in BC.
  • Eligible Product: Any product meeting at least one of the following four product definitions:
    1. Defective Product
    2. Mis-Shipped Product;
    3. Recalled Product, or;
    4. Aged Product.
  • Mis-shipped Product: Any Cannabis Product delivered in error to a wholesale customer.
  • Recalled Product: Any Cannabis Product whose recall has been directed by the Licensed Producer, Health Canada, or BCLDB.
  • Visible Defect: A defect that can be discovered without opening the package of the retail selling unit.