We are a cultivator that will be working with a processor. After processing takes place are we then allowed to store the finished product on-site in our secure storage awaiting delivery? Or does the processor have to store and ship the product?

Storage of cannabis products must be in accordance with federal regulations. In our opinion, packaged product may be stored at the licensed cultivator facility, however, the processor is responsible for completing the shipment and sale of the product once the order is placed by the retailer.

Will out of province licensed producers be allowed to participate in the direct delivery program or will it only be open to B.C. producers?

Licensed processors from out of province may participate in direct delivery as long as the cannabis for those products is solely sourced from an eligible cultivator located in B.C. and the licensed processor meets the requirements of the direct delivery program. I.e., they register as a licensed producer (LP) with LDB, hold a processing license and register products for direct delivery as outlined on the direct delivery supplier website here

Will products that have been registered by the licensed producer be included in the product extract and potentially ASNs when it comes to delivery of the product

Order, delivery, and payment occurs between the retailer and the licensed producer. The LDB is not integrated with the licensed producer for these processes in this phase of direct delivery.The LDB will not provide an ASN for direct delivery products. It will only provide a product list with limited attributes to assist the retailers with validating the products are eligible for direct delivery.

Is this program only for licensed producers that grow cannabis? We process extracts only and would like to participate in the program.

A licensed processor may be eligible to direct deliver products where the dried or fresh cannabis inputs for the product are directly and solely sourced from an eligible cultivator, assuming they meet the requirements of, and are registered in, the direct delivery program.

Will there be any opportunity to negotiate payment terms with the licensed producer?

As the licensed producer is acting as an agent of the LDB, payment methods and terms are set in a similar way to central delivery purchases. Payment is immediate at the time of shipping. Payment methods include pre-authorized debit, cash, or debit card.